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Church of the Brethren

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Continuing the
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A little country church with a big heart...

Church 1Our congregation has members of all ages. Our small size means that you can easily meet and make friends. It also means that you have easy access to our pastor for pastoral care. We freely share our needs with one another and know that we can depend on each other during life's tough moments. Prayer is a vital part of our mission. We give outreach to our denomination, but we also give to our local community, including Pendleton Manor, Christian Assistance Network, and the Pendleton County Ministerial Association.

Our pastor earned a Master of Divinity degree from Bethany Theological Seminary in 1999. He is a skilled preacher, singer, and Bible teacher who cares about us and is willing to visit as often as needed. He is also available to officiate at special services like weddings and funerals.

Church 1Our denomination (Church of the Brethren) was founded in 1708. After studying the Bible, the original Brethren came to believe that in order to faithfully follow Christ, we must study the Bible as a group, to come to a deeper understanding of the truth. Today, we practice trine (immersion) baptism, anointing (for healing and commissioning), the Love Feast (a dramatic reenactment of the last supper which includes a fellowship meal, foot washing, and bread and cup communion), and weekly group Bible study.

We hope you can visit with us and learn how you can become a part of our dynamic Christian community.